“My Yoni is mine” by Naike Rivelli

The prize

“My Yoni is mine” by Naike Rivelli, Ornella Muti’s eldest daughter.

The work is part of the artistic path undertaken by Naike Rivelli, eldest daughter of the actress Ornella Muti, and called “Vulva Art”.

Vulva art is nothing but the expression of femininity, beauty, Motherhood, Love. Far from stereotypes, Naike wanted to represent a flower, a beautiful pink flower (the color of the fight against breast cancer) that is born where life is born. Mother and daughter symbolize the strength of two women who, under the pretext of playing, actually want to send a strong and increasingly urgent message in contrast with our phallocentric and anthropocentric society.

Often the inspiring muse of Naike Rivelli’s works is Ornella Muti. For this work, in particular, Naike Rivelli made use of the extraordinary collaboration of her mother, who became the protagonist of the portrait, putting herself on the line.

It is a work of which only two examples exist: the other, in purple color, a color that represents spirituality and meditation, is preserved by Ornella Muti herself.

Year: 2021
Dimensions: 30×42 cm

The cause

The most obvious form of violence that affects all women is certainly that which leaves visible marks on the body. But the types can be different. There is the psychological one, the one that generates impairments and social disabilities, and there is also the psycho-physical one.

In our country over one hundred women are killed by men every year, almost always those who claim to love them. A real massacre. In Italy there are 7 million women victims of violence, 746,000 have suffered an attempted rape, 1 in 3 women has been the victim of some type of abuse.
Violence which, for a woman, is not only a threat of death, but also a wound to the image of herself, of her femininity, sexuality and motherhood.
The Umanitas Consortium Association is the promoter and organizer of “Women for Women against violence – Chamomile Award”, a unique and extraordinary event designed by women for women against violence that affects them, leaving its marks on the soul and body.

The contribution collected from the auctioning of the work will be donated by the Umanitas Consortium Association in support of the “Rescue Suitcase” project designed by the Salvamamme association to respond to the requests of the many fleeing women victims of violence with a complete action plan that will keep them safe in the first days following the abandonment of their home, or in moments of high criticality. The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Justice, and launched in collaboration with the State Police with two operational protocols signed with the Rome Police Headquarters and with the Fiamme Oro Rugby Sports Group of the State Police.

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